About Us

Hey BABE!!!! Welcome to Clay Street!

Clay Street was born out of my love of people. One of my favorite things and joys of owning a business is interacting with, and getting to know, my customers! After two years of being online only, I finally decided that it was time to get back to it and shazam, Clay Street was born! 

Ok, actually there was a ton or work, tears, stress, and booze that went into it, but ya know.

Anyway, fast forward and we are almost at our two year anniversary. I like to think Clay Street is unique because our main focus is making sure that all the women who shop with us feel Empowered, Loved, and Bad Ass when they leave our store. It's our mission to help everyone woman we serve feel like the sexiest one in the room. 

Clay Street is all about empowering women and empowering women in business. We are made up of several small women owned boutiques and that makes us not only different in the way we do things, but also allows us to offer a variety of styles for all women. Meet our vendors by checking out each of their about pages!

I couldn't run this place without my amazing team and so I'm gonna get in my feelings a bit and shout out my two best girls. Courtney and Crystal, this place wouldn't be the same or run half the time without you! 

We hope that you enjoy shopping our site and we truly can't wait to meet you! Stop in and see us anytime, the door is always open (when it's open) and there is usually booze under the counter. Thanks for shopping babes!