The Indigo Loft

Hey Babes!
It’s Makayla here, with The Indigo Loft.
I am married to my hubby Brian since 2014 but our journey started when I was 15! We have 3 dogs, Boo Boo, Toby Jack and Zola Ann. We reside in a little house in the country in between Rogersville/Fordland, which my hubs has named “Rogerland”. Our house is the home my father in law grew up in. (Cool fact) We started this business in September 2018 after moving to our sweet home, that is planted on Indigo Road. (Hence the name “The Indigo Loft”)
I started at CSB December 2019 and love being able to be part of a community and tribe, I’ve made great friends during this and hope to see you around!
I am a DIE HARD, Cacti, Leopard, Camo, Tie Dye and Graphic Tee Lover. So... you will see a lot of that around here.